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Design Process

It is a logical step by step tool for implementation which enables and ensures a viable and holistic achievement of the desired result.

Editorial Design

1, Define The need.

- Understanding the requirement

- Aligning the Goals [ Agenda/ Deliverables ]

2, Research & Analysis

- Study of the Target Market Segment

- Consumer Research and Insights

- Understanding the back end possibilities

3, Trend & Forecast Study

- Seasonal study of Trends & Global/ Regional Forecast

- Drawing trends relevant to the target segment

4, Design Direction

- Range Architecture

- Concept Creation

5, Range building

- Design Creation

- Product Development

Market Research Sample

Market research is performed to understand the competitors and aspirational brands to place your brand in right position in terms of Pricing/ Product Categories.

Detailed Study is performed both online and on-ground to understand the categories offered, Price points, Branding usages, Selling points, Influences such as events/ Seasonal celebrations etc.

Below added are few pages from the analysis of the report.

Trend & Forecast Study

Fashion Trend and forecasts are a key factors in range building. Global lifestyle trends to be studied and the same to be incorporated to the target market based on its relevance. This research is performed through forecasting websites /runways and global event calendar.

Concept direction Sample

Concept that is relevant to the brand in line with the Analysis of Market research and Trend Research will be the backbone of the collection for a season.

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